Tibetan National Flag (full size)
IMG 2217 Other merchandiseThe Tibetan National flag, resembles not only the identity of the Tibetan people but is also a symbol of the Tibetan struggle and resistance. Inside Tibet, people make these intricately designed flags by hand to stage protests, and having one can result in beatings, torture and jail. Yet in the last few years we’ve seen an increase in flag raising protests inside Tibet. With Uprising Day coming up, you can show your solidarity by flying the flag at events, marches, protests or just in your own window.

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Free Tibet Now Bag
ftbag Other merchandise

The Free Tibet Now bag, simple yet stylish, is a perfect political & fashion statement.

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Free Tibet bag
bag1 Other merchandise

A stylish shoulder bag carrying the message that Tibet will be free.

Price: £10
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Tibetan Greeting Cards

The breathtaking scenic beauty of Tibet offers a perfect opportunity to greet your friends and family this Xmas and beyond. Photos by Vincent Van Den Berg.

2prayerflags Other merchandise

Prayer Flags
Pack of 10, blank inside

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1womanyushu Other merchandiseYushu Nomad

Pack of 10, blank inside

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Tibetan flag phone charm
phonedecoration1 Other merchandise

Remember Tibet every time your phone rings with this decoration for mobiles.

Price: £3

Prayer flags
thumbs prayer flags Other merchandise

The Tibetan word for prayer flag is “Lung ta” meaning “Wind Horse”. When the wind blows the sacred prayer flag flaps in the breeze which equates to saying the prayer printed on it. The traditional five colours represent the five Buddhist sects and the five elements. Blue-space, White-water, R ed-fire, Green-air & wind, Yellow-earth. The flags are connected at the top edge by a long cord which makes them easy to mount between poles, on the edge of a roof or between trees.

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Large size prayer flags
large prayer flags Other merchandise

An unmistakable symbol of Tibetan religion and identity, these large size prayer flags can be hung up to show support as well!

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Tibet bookmark
bookmark Other merchandise

With four different poetic messages from the Dalai Lama, these bookmarks will remind you of His Holiness’ wisdom while reading. Please note a bookmark comes free with all books you buy from the SFT UK store.

Price: £1.25
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Free Tibet fridge magnets
Free Tibet fridge magnets Other merchandise

Remind yourself of the Tibetan cause every day with a Free Tibet fridge magnet.

Price: £3

Mala bracelet
mala bracelet1 Other merchandise

Worn across Tibet, these wooden mala beads are a symbol of Tibetan Buddhism and culture.

Price: £3.50

Potala incense
Potala Incense Other merchandise

Get the smells of Tibetan monastic life in your home with hand-prepared traditional Tibetan incense made from medicinal herbs

Price: £4

Rangzen Band

thumbs rangzen band Other merchandiseThe Rangzen Bracelet was first designed by Tibetan political prisoners near Lhasa. These bracelets were originally woven from white and black yak hair, or whatever bits of thread were available in the prisons. It is patterned after the traditional slingshot used by Tibetan nomads. Today these bracelets are worn as an expression of endurance and defiance against Chinese government’s oppression and in solidarity with the struggle for freedom and human rights in Tibet.

Price: £1

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