Skeletons reuters Tibet newsOne of SFT UK’s objectives, along with other Tibet groups, is to gain coverage for the Tibet issue in the world’s media. This can range from big international news agencies and publications to local and campus press and increasingly on the internet. The Chinese state invests huge resources into propaganda ‘news’, including the regime’s propagandist agency Xinhua. There will always be a range of opinions in countries which have a free press, but overall public opinion is in favour of Tibetan freedom. Below you will find links to recent articles about Tibet in the world’s press. You can find more up to date information on dedicated Tibet news sites like Phayul and by searching on Google news.

Stories from November 2012

PHAYUL: 17-year-old nun self-immolates
VOICE OF AMERICA: Two Tibetan self-immolators’ letters
GUARDIAN: China sets up firefighters at monasteries
RADIO FREE ASIA: Tibetan burnings rise to 70

Stories from October 2012

HUFFINGTON POST: 5 reasons to be hopeful for Tibet
INDEPENDENT: China powerless to prevent rise in self-immolations
TIME: As China readies for transition, 7 self-immolations in Tibet

Stories from September 2012

VOA: China pushes Tibet tourism in theme park
OPEN DEMOCRACY: Referendum needed to end crisis in Tibet

Stories from August 2012

RFA: Tibetan kills herself at bank
BBC: China editor’s suicide
BBC: Two Tibetans die in self-immolations
AFP: Tibetan monk tortured and imprisoned
LA TIMES: China, Japan activists hold protests over disputed islands
TIBET POST: Solidarity vigil held in London
PHAYUL: Tibetans appeal for global action
GUARDIAN: Chinese police kill Tibetan after 2 self-immolate
TIBET POST: Earthquake photos misleadingly used over Burma conflict
RADIO FREE ASIA: Tibetan singer detained
NEW YORK DAILY: First Tibetan Olympian wins medal
RADIO FREE ASIA: Can the world help Tibet?

Stories from July 2012

RADIO FREE ASIA: Lone protester detained

Stories from June 2012

ECONOMIST: The Lady and the Lama
DAILY MAIL: One young Tibetan dead, another critical after self-immolations
METRO: Dalai Lama shares a joke with Prince Charles
INDEPENDENT: After 76 years and 13 reincarnations, the Dalai Lama still draws a crowd
NEW YORK TIMES: Self-immolations are challenging Chinese rule

Stories from May 2012

INDEPENDENT: China cracks down after self-immolations
GUARDIAN: Two self-immolate in Tibet
THE NEWS INTERNATIONAL: Austria rejects Beijing objections to Dalai Lama meet
AFP: China cancels UK visit over Dalai Lama meeting
BANGKOK POST: China’s ‘expanding core’
PHAYUL: Dalai Lama meets fellow Nobel Laureates
KANSAS CITY STAR: China TV blames Dalai Lama for self-immolations
BBC: Cameron’s Dalai Lama meeting sparks Chinese protest

Stories from April 2012

BBC: China at the London Book Fair / protests
BBC: Crackdown in Tibet worst since Cultural Revolution (video)
AMNESTY BLOG (Shao Jiang): Protests at London Book Fair
INDEPENDENT: London Book Fair interrupted by protests

Stories from March 2012

CHANNEL 4: Why are Tibetans setting themselves on fire?
GUARDIAN: Tibetan sets himself on fire outside Indian Government
GUARDIAN: One Tibetan woman’s tragic path to self-immolation
NEW YORK TIMES: Tibetan self-immolations rise as China tightens grip
BBC: Damaging coup rumours richocet across China
PHAYUL: 12-year-old dies after police use explosives on protesters
CNN: Tibet hunger strikers reach one month milestone
VOICE OF AMERICA: Another Tibetan self-immolates
VOA: Thousands gather in Rebkong after 14th March self-immolation
TELEGRAPH: Teenage monk sets himself on fire on Uprising Day
EDINBURGH REPORTER: Tibetan Uprising day March
NEW YORK TIMES: Security forces kill at least 5

Stories from February 2012

NBC: Protesters rappel from memorial bridge, Washington (video)
GUARDIAN: Tibetan acts of self-immolation (video)
SKY: Monk sets himself on fire in protest (video)
TIBET POST: Worldwide Tibet vigil solidarity in UK
VOICE OF AMERICA: Tibet group releases photos of crackdown in Tibet
TELEGRAPH: China raises security to contain Tibet protests

Stories from January 2012

RADIO FREE ASIA: Video footage of protest in Dzamtang
CNN: reporters detained amind Chinese Tibet crackdown (Video)
VOICE OF AMERICA: Tibetan exile leaders on China’s violence against protesters
GLOBE & MAIL: China clamps down on budding Tibetan revolt
RADIO FREE ASIA: Thousands attend funeral
VOICE OF AMERICA: A Tibetan lama self-immolates in Golok Darlak
AFP: US ‘concerned’ about Tibetan self-immolations

Stories from December 2011

BBC: China plans tighter laws on film and cinema content
GUARDIAN: Another Tibetan self-immolates

Stories from November 2011

CHANNEL 4: Nun sets herself on fire (video)
TIBET EXPRESS: Second Tibetan nun sets herself on fire
TIBET POST: ‘Enough!’ campaign goes global
NEW INTERNATIONALIST: Stand up for Tibet! World leaders told

Stories from October 2011

PHAYUL: Fire spreads in Tibet: monk self immolates in Kardze
SKY NEWS: Tibetan woman dies after setting herself on fire
VOA: Tibetan woman sets herself on fire in Ngaba
TIBET EXPRESS: Police open fire on protesters in Serthar
SHADOW TIBET: Igniting the embers of independence
WASHINGTON POST: Two more ex-monks set themselves on fire
GUARDIAN: Tutu speaks out over Dalai Lama visa decision
TIBET POST: Tibetans fly flag & Dalai Lama picture in Serta

Stories from September 2011

RADIO FREE ASIA: Two more monks self-immolate
REUTERS: China to pump $47 billion into Tibet by 2015
VOICE OF AMERICA: Nepal arrests 20 Tibetan teenagers
TIBET POST: US government reports severe repression of religious freedom in Tibet
PHAYUL: China sentences two more Tibetans
TIMES OF INDIA: Nepal refuses to grant amnesty to 10 Tibetan refugees
NEW YORK TIMES: Ancient wooly rhino points to Himalayas
CHINA DIALOGUE: Tibet’s mining menace
ZEE NEWS: Tibetan plateau facing environmental degradation
ENQUIRER: Sangay blasts China’s rule in Tibet as undemocratic and illegitimate
NEWSBISCUIT (spoof): Chinese hack into Stephen Hawking
TIBETAN REVIEW: Tibet’s longest serving prisoner seriously ill
VOICE OF AMERICA: Repression seperates Tibetan regions from rest of China