Activist Conference 2013

conference2013square1 Activist Conference 2013The new term is fast approaching us, and that means that once again it’s time for the annual SFTUK Activist Conference! An opportunity to gain skills and knowledge relevant to the movement, and also a chance to meet like minded individuals, dedicated the plight of Tibetans inside Tibet.

This November 2nd, we’re heading to the University of Sussex, renowned for academic brilliance and strong resistance against privatisation. It’s the most action-packed weekend you’ll find, and all for a knock-down price! Read more>>

Free the Panchen Lama!

boxpic Free the Panchen Lama!Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, the Panchen Lama, was taken by the Chinese authorities when he was just 6 years old; the world’s youngest political prisoner.

He is still missing today, and on his 24th birthday on 25th April, we remembered this chilling case by again calling for his release. Having committed no crime, this innocent man has missed out on a childhood, teenage years and now adult life. His case is sadly just one in the catalogue of human rights abuses which China inflicts on the Tibetan people to this day. Read more>>

Join the uprising!

549900 10151327142257582 1802931779 a Join the uprising!Hundreds marched in London and Edinburgh on Uprising Day, joining many thousands around the world. With over 100 self-immolations in Tibet in the past few years, Tibetans and supporters from Dharamsala to New York took to the streets to push for stronger support for the Tibetan nation.

On 13th March, around 150 MPs were lobbied at Westminster and locally, calling on the UK to offer stronger support for Tibet by taking part in multi-lateral action. Read more>>

Tibetan independence day

independenceday1 Tibetan independence day100 years ago, Tibet was at a crossroads. The Chinese Manchu Empire invaded in 1910, forcing the Dalai Lama into exile. But Tibetans pushed the invaders out and reclaimed independence on 13th February 1913.

100 years on, Tibet is again occupied, but more and more, Tibetans are rising to push China out, laying down their lives for the cause. On 13th February, Tibetans and supporters across the world proclaimed independence; a date which also marked a shocking milestone; 100 Tibetans have now self-immolated since 2009. Read more>>

Solidarity with Tibet

solidarity Solidarity with TibetThis Human Rights Day held special significance for the Tibetan people, coming amid a growing crisis in their country which the occupying Chinese regime is unable to control; a brutal occupation which foreign governments have been unwilling to effectively condemn.

But this may be changing. Condemnation of China’s policies in Tibet has grown since 10th December, with the US, UN and EU all criticising the regime. The US state department called for ‘common strategic engagement’ on Tibet. Read more>>

Tibet is burning

dorjee Tibet is burningTibetans are sending a clear message to their Chinese occupiers; laying down their lives to demand an end to Chinese rule and gathering to protest in numbers not seen since the Tibetan uprising of 2008.

On 7th November there were 5 self-immolations on one day in Tibet, including one just 15 years old, and they have become almost daily, with 28 in November alone. Just like under Hu Jintao’s leadership, China still has no answer to the crisis, which greets Xi Jinping as his major challenge as China’s new President. Read more>>